Smithy 17

The Smithy at level 17

The Smithy is one of the buildings in a city. It is run by the Blacksmith to produce armor and weapons. It also serves to sell off unwanted items to clear the inventory. It also houses the Mystery Shop that sells random items, sometimes also offering items for Gold Coins that are normally only available for Diamonds. Upgrading this building will add a new item for production at every odd level.

Mystery ShopEdit

At Lord Level 18, the Mystery Shop will be added to the Smithy. Items in it can only be purchased once per listing, though the same item may be listed several times. The array of items changes once every four hours, starting with the player's first login of the day. Not all items that are offered here are really a bargain. Especially for gear of white quality, the merchant tends to charge a higher price than the regular production price.

Mystery Shop

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Each upgrade level of the Smithy requires you to already have a City Hall at the same upgraded level.

Construction time may vary between players, depending on their Construction Level and Political Points.

To construct a level 1 Smithy, players must also have at least one Barracks at level 3.

# Timber Stone Iron
lv1 1 1 3
lv1->lv2 2 2 6
lv2->lv3 3 3 9
lv3->lv4 4 4 24
lv4->lv5 10 10 63
lv5->lv6 20 20 120
lv6->lv7 52 52 312
lv18->lv19 4200 4200 25200
lv19->lv20 5040 5040 30240
lv20->lv21 6048 6048 36288
lv21->lv22 7257 7257 43542
lv22->lv23 8709 8709 52254