Slayer unit

Slayers are the last Infantry Melee unit to be unlocked by the player. They can be recruited in the Barracks and upgraded in the Academy.

These powerful close-combat infantry embody true killing power. They wear heavy plate armor and use two-handed swords. Their wide swings often leave them open to attack.


  • Ferocity: With their shining armor and massive swords, they intimidate the enemy with a single glance.
  • Raging Force: These units have a chance to enter a rage for a certain duration, increasing their attack, attack speed, and defense.

Costs per unitEdit

Level Copper Coins Food
1 12 6
2 24 12
3 36 24

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Slayer upg
Level Food Iron Merit Prerequisites
Lv 0 ->1
Lv 1->2 96 240 300 Academy Lv9
Lv 2->3 2492 6228 1500 Academy Lv15
Lv 3->4 11780 29450 6000 Academy Lv20